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Sacred Flames – FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Sacred Flames?

The Sacred Flames are the Divine Attributes of God/Source. Our God/I AM Presence is a River of the Sacred Flames. Those that have seen their I AM Presence say that the Power is so tremendous, the Light so powerful and the Presence is surrounded by brilliant Flames in many colors.

All beings, who grow more and more spiritually, have this Light showing around them.

2. How come I have never heard about the Sacred Flames?

The knowledge of the Sacred Flames has not been on this planet for a long time. Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters brought this knowledge through, starting in the later 1930’s when Earth had placed a call for help. Earth knew that she would not be able to sustain much more. The call was heard and much help has come. The Ascended Masters dictated over 3,000 discourses. These were not channeled. Instead the people in the room
could either see and hear the Masters that came to teach or sometimes just hear their voice. Other times, the people could see golden letters forming in the air and Guy Ballard would read them to the audience. These books and discourses can be obtained from

The dark green book, Unveiled Mysteries and Magic Presence can also be obtained from These are written under the pen name of Godfre’ Ray King.

In almost every discourse, the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings refer to the Sacred Flames. During the previous Golden Ages that were here on Earth, mankind lived with and learned about the Sacred Flames. Each Flame was predominantly present for 2,000 years. Souls came to study and work with that Flame.

3. What is a Hologram?

Holograms are 3D images that are placed on a flat surface. Other holograms can be created with laser lights or specially directed light. One can look at them from different angles and see different perspectives. Some holograms appear to move as one walks past them. There is a process to making a Hologram.

These Sacred Flame Holograms are 3 dimensional. Some can see that and others can not. That is fine. But these Holograms create the space for the Sacred Flames to come through and work. How it all works will be discovered as we go deeper into this beautiful knowledge.

But that it does work is experienced by each person who works with them or we see the results in Nature.

4. How come religions do not teach this?

No one knew about them until the Ascended Masters brought this information back. When the planet “fell” into the lower dimensions, this knowledge was lost, until now. Now this information is critical for the healing of the planet and ourselves. We are ready to learn about the Sacred Flames again.

5. Why are the Sacred Flames so important?

There is so much to clean up on this planet and within ourselves. We need a focus and a power that is more powerful than anything that created the problem. We need to move outside of the box in order to see how to find the solutions. We need something that is not corruptible. The Sacred Flames are that Power. They come from Source. We now have the “proper tools with which to create, protect, sustain and expand perfection.”

6. How did you come up with these Holograms?

I had been making orgone for years and had been shown how to anchor the Sacred Flames in the orgone. I felt drawn to the Sacred Flames the minute I heard about them. I felt like I was home. Yet I could not find a consistent, powerful way in which to work with them that really worked for me. As the orgone gave the Sacred Flames a physical anchor here on the planet, I was able to work with the Flames more and more and see the great benefits of doing so.

One day I was most concerned about the drought and the hurt it was doing to nature, animals and all of life. I literally was storming the heavens asking for an answer. Inwardly I heard the words: “You have what you need to help nature” I listened and was surprised. “I do?” “Yes.” Then I started to see what orgone I could put together. I thought I would need to make a piece and again heard: “No, you have everything you need right here.” I immediately got up and took the pieces that resonated and placed them in a certain configuration in my living room. I checked to see that everything was correct and then left the room in order to allow the energy to start working together.

That is when the rains started coming and I saw nature starting to come back into balance and harmony. One of my deepest joys is to be able to assist nature to come back into harmony.

I was speaking with a clairvoyant a couple of days later and she asked: “What have you done? All of nature is dancing. There is so much joy there.” I told her about the configuration and she asked me to draw a picture. I knew immediately what to do. Desiring to help nature opened the door for the other Holograms. The Sacred Flame Orgone Harmonizers created the foundation for the Holograms.

Each of us on this planet came to do certain things, some to support, some to create. But we each have a purpose here. No one is better or less than someone else. Each tree in the forest is important, for without the trees there would be no forest. So some bring in new ideas, some help bring them to the public, some use them and together we have the tools to help this planet and ourselves.

7. Does this conflict with my religion?

No, truth is truth. Test the Flames. See the results. In fact, They may enhance your religion, your spirituality. “By their fruits you will know them.” Christ said: “All that I have done, you will also do and more.” It is time for us to learn how to do what the great teachers of all religions have done.

8. Why are there so many Holograms? Can’t you have just one?

We have many tools just in our kitchen alone, knives, forks, spoons, etc. Each has their place and we know when we need them. That is not counting all of the other tools we have in our homes or businesses. Yet we may expect just one spiritual tool to do everything?

There are so many areas in which to grow spiritually and to heal. The various combinations of the Sacred Flames do different things and this is needed in our growth. It is the different Sacred Geometry and combinations of the Sacred Flames, it is the intention of the Hologram that brings forth the Power to effect the change or healing that we are looking for.

9. Where do I start?

If nothing else, get the Protection Hologram that allows us to Thrive!

You may be more interested in helping Nature or you may wish to add a little at a time. If you get a feeling, don’t discount it. Try it. These Holograms do not ever hurt. If you are not comfortable working with some, wait a while. Yet sometimes the Hologram we need the most may be the one we are not comfortable with.

Others may want to start with all of the Holograms right away. There is no right or wrong way. These Sacred Flames only support. We do need to develop spiritual muscle just as we do the physical muscles. Start gradually and continue working with them. Watch the results. Sometimes the results are very subtle and other times you may feel them much more strongly. What I have noticed most of all is that my life is continually changing for the better. If I am feeling a fear inside, I ask to see which Holograms will help me to heal the source of that fear. Then I work with those Holograms. Sometimes it has taken a day, sometimes an hour. But the results are there. I feel better when everything is done. My health is improving, I am happier and on purpose. The joy and peace that I have been looking for is now here.

If you are not sure which Holograms to work with – take them all and ask that the appropriate ones work with you to heal whatever you are feeling. The other Holograms that are not needed for that situation will be in the background supporting those that are needed.

10. Will the small ones work just as well?

Yes, they will. But we humans often need a stronger focus and the larger ones gives us that focus. If something is too small, we tend to forget about it. The purpose of the smaller Holograms is for the convenience of carrying them in our wallets.

11. Where do I keep the Holograms in my home?

You may want to create a wall of Holograms. I took down a picture and placed a set of the Holograms on the wall. Each time I walk into the room, I see them and work with them. I have another set in my bedroom and sleep with some each night. Then I use them also for meditation. I have the pocket size in my wallet. See what feels right to you.

12. What if I don’t work with the Holograms for a while, will they deactivate?

No, they will not deactivate. Some of them are not active all of the time, only when we think about them and ask to work with them or when we consciously pick them up. It is comparable to a stove. The burner is not on all of the time. When we want to use the burner, we turn it on. And so it is with the Holograms.

The only time they will deactivate permanently is when they are disrespected or someone uses them out of Integrity. These Holograms can not be used to harm any life form!

13. What if I do not know about the Cosmic Beings that are with the Holograms? Do I have to work with them?

There are billions of people on this planet. How many do we know? There are billions of Beings of Light in the Divine Universe – we do not know them. If you are not comfortable, ask to work with those you may be comfortable with. Or take the time to get to know some of the Beings of Light just as we take the time to get to know a neighbor or new acquaintances. You can learn about them in the books mentioned above.

14. Can the Holograms help with the healing Modality that I work with on my clients?

Energy workers are finding that the Holograms greatly enhance the modality that they are working with. Everything comes from the Sacred Fire and thus the Flames can only make what you do stronger and your clients obtain greater results.

We are finding that every positive thing is enhanced in the presence of the Sacred Flames. This includes oils, jewelry, food and water. The Sacred Flames support and enhance every thing positive, including us.

“I went for a massage session and was asked if I minded if a Hologram was placed under the table. I thought: “What can a piece of paper do?” and said: “No, I do not mind.” As soon as the session began, I felt heat starting at the bottom of my feet and it continued moving through my whole body. I felt so good that I did not want to get off the table. Later that day I noticed that my depression had left. I had never experienced anything that beautiful before and absolutely love the Holograms and am going back for more massage.”

15. Why do the Holograms have to be activated?

Without the activation, the Hologram is just a piece of paper. How do we know that? From experience. People have felt an activated Hologram and the same Hologram when it was not activated. They could sense a major difference.

16. Can’t someone just make a copy of the Holograms and have them work?

We have found that when someone makes a copy of the Hologram without permission, they are automatically deactivated. Why? Because it is out of Divine Integrity and the Sacred Flames only work with Divine Integrity.

Sacred Flames


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Divine Protection

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